Welcome to The Water Damage Center

The Water Damage Center is a unique and powerful website for sourcing all of your water damage repair and flood damage services across the US. If you have had a natural disaster flood your house or had a broken pipe leave your property with excessive water damage, then you know exactly how frustrating it can be to research countless companies online and try to find a reliable service to help with your water damage. The longer you wait and the more time it takes to establish a working relationship with a reputable company, the more the water is damaging your home. Mold can develop, wood can rot, and a host of other problems can occur if you have to waste time researching multiple companies. That is why The Water Damage Center is here, to streamline your water damage restoration needs. Simply contact us or fill our our quick quote request form and you will be connected to our local branches that compete for your business. All of our contractors have been rigorously screened and approved so you can spend more time having your water damage repair service done and less time worrying about who is going to do it.

Water Damage Services

The Water Damage Center offers the following services to our customers:

  • Water Damage Assessment

    The first step in understanding exactly the costs that will be involved in your water damage remediation is to understand the extent to which your property has been damaged. Having a licensed, bonded, and insure technician out to assess the damage is the only way to be sure. Utilizing sensors and monitors to understand where the water has infiltrated will ensure that your water damage service has a clear plan of attach with no room for errors.

  • Water Removal

    Our contractors use their years of expertise and top of the line water removal equipment to eradicate any standing water from your home or business. This includes basement water removal. Even if you can't see standing water in your home doesn't mean it is not there. Let us use our state of the art equipment to make sure your water removal is done right.

  • Water Damage Restoration

    Carpets, flooring, baseboards, ceilings. Water can affect so many parts of your home. After you have your water removal done, make sure that the surfaces it has affected get completely restored. The Water Damage Center can help with any water restoration needed after a flood in your home from burst pipes or natural disasters. Industrial strength fans are used to dry up any remaining moisture left from the water removal. This will prevent mold and other toxic spreads related the presence of water.

Don't let your home get taken over by water damage or recent floods. Call The Water Damage Center today.